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Revenge Is A Dish … – How Scorpio Gets Revenge

Revenge Is A Dish … How Scorpio Gets Revenge

Giving in to our dark side is something we should all do sparingly, for revenge often leaves others hurt and the though the inflictor may temporarily feel relief, seldom is it long lasting. Even the most demur and sweetest of Zodiac star signs have a less than sunny disposition if pushed too far or crossed but not all of them will exact revenge in the same way. Some are subtle, while others give new meaning to “Hell hath no fury.” Check out your sign here to see where on the venom scale you may fall and in which ways you are most likely to strike back.

How Scorpio Gets Revenge

Scorpio has been said to be the worst in the Zodiac when crossed and much like the Virgo, they let nothing get by them and they aren’t likely to let a wrong doing go unavenged. But unlike the Virgo who can be driven by emotions, the Scorpio is very talented at removing all emotional aspects from consideration when they need to and honestly have a knack for being cold and calculating.

Scorpios are among the most secretive and stubborn people out there and their patience is the stuff of legends. The can bide their time for decades before settling an old score. Their memories for those who they view as being hurtful is long as well and their revenge plans will be precise and devastatingly effective.   The word to remember with this sign is ‘overkill’ and to their dying breath they will see to it that you pay dearly for whatever it is you did to them. It will be a slow and excruciating kind of revenge and it will come in all shapes and sizes.

They won’t mind slashing your tires or spray painting your house because this will cause you great distress and inconveniences.  But their hatred won’t end there. They will creep into your social circles without you even knowing it and tirelessly work at breaking those down too.  Their plan is to dominate your world and to be the last one standing when the battle is over, and whatever form that takes, so be it. Removing themselves emotionally means that no amount of begging or pleading will get them to stop. They will stop when they feel the punishment has fit the crime. Even then, this sign is so obsessive, that months down the road, if they see a chance to strike again, they will be like a snake hiding in the grass, striking over and over until they no longer feel threatened by you.

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