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Revenge Is A Dish … – How Gemini Gets Revenge

Giving in to our dark side is something we should all do sparingly, for revenge often leaves others hurt and the though the inflictor may temporarily feel relief, seldom is it long lasting. Even the most demur and sweetest of Zodiac star signs have a less than sunny disposition if pushed too far or crossed but not all of them will exact revenge in the same way. Some are subtle, while others give new meaning to “Hell hath no fury.” Check out your sign here to see where on the venom scale you may fall and in which ways you are most likely to strike back.

How Gemini Gets Revenge

Geminis are the “thinkers” of the Zodiac, taking a lot of pride in both their mental and communicative skills. They are also masters of anything out of the ordinary and studying psychological behavior is something they do for fun.

They are also impulsive to a degree, not because they feel an urge to hurry and get things done but because they bore easily and if too much time passes, they will lose interest in their plans for revenge. So, whatever they offer in the way of revenge will probably happen within a short amount of time and will also probably be emotional or intellectual warfare rather than physical.

This sign is one of the most dangerous when it comes to revenge because they are smart enough to know not to get caught and because they will seek unique and or quiet ways to get back at you. The fact that they are so clever and off-beat means their victims won’t see it coming. While it is not hard to imagine that a Gemini could be smiling at you and at the same time sticking a knife in your back, your vengeful ex-friend or partner will most unlikely to go as far as to murder you, but whatever plans they have, you can be sure they won’t announce them ahead of time. You may not even know they’ve been planning payback until they strike so keeping your guard up is probably wise.

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