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Gemini Detox – How Gemini Deals With Toxic People & Situations

How Do The Different Star Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations?

Toxic situations and people are the last thing that any of us would wish for. We all know that it is extremely unhealthy to keep such people and situations in our lives yet many of us do for far too long. How each of us handles these trying times speaks volumes and much of our response correlates with the sun signs that we are born under. While some signs are able to gently swat toxic people away, others tend to cling to them in spite of the repercussions. Take a look and see where you may fall and how you can better deal with unhealthy occurrences.

How The Air Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations

The air signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are most susceptible to being in and remaining in toxic relationships and situations because they are the least rooted in reality members of the Zodiac and will go to great lengths to ignore the cruelty that is going on around them. Often off base with the physical – they prefer to live in their heads, they are the signs of denial and will do their best to ignore painful instances rather than face them head-on.

How Gemini Deals With Toxic People & Situations

Of the three air signs it is the Gemini that is least likely to sustain a toxic relationship and that is largely because they have a marked tendency to bore easily so sticking with anything for a period of time will always be a challenge. A bad or toxic situation or relationship that is already bordering on boredom will leave the Gemini restless and they aren’t that emotionally driven so leaving it won’t be an issue once they have committed to doing so.

Anyone that tries to keep a Gemini in their line of sight or who has intentions of being deceitful or devious will have to go about it discretely and creatively because this sign thrives constant mental, emotional and intellectual challenges, so sussing out when a partner is being devious will pique the Gemini’s interest. Gemini are talented in conversation and can talk their way out of any situation or argument, so it is hard for a psychic vampire to make this sign feel bad about themselves. However this sign is attracted to those that are eclectic, a “bit off” or in some other way creatively inclined so it is possible that within those archetypes, they will encounter difficult, capricious people and challenging situations. But this sign is much too savvy and carefree to let those people and situations get the best of them.

They are foot loose and fancy free, non-committal in the extreme and thus severing ties with someone of little value is not going to trouble them in the slightest.

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