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Gemini Dating Dealbreakers

Gemini Dating Dealbreakers

Gemini folks are children at heart and love to throw themselves into anything adventurous and intriguing. What they can’t tolerate is anything that s uninspiring and dull. This is not a sign that you want to take to a ballet or an opera where they will have to sit in silence for the duration and there is as far as they are concerned little action going on.

These are social, eclectic types that love to be able to work a room, network and dip in and out of people’s conversations. They want to be be free to switch venues at a moment’s notice and want to be out and about, people watching and being free to do whatever they want. A date such as a picnic won’t float their boat as they will quickly bore and become restless. They also won’t be keen on repeating the same date/going to the same venue over and over again as they much prefer to ditch the tried and tested and seek out new experiences.

If you really intend to impress your Gemini stay quiet about your plans until you get them there as they love the art of surprise and it will keep them engaged for the initial stages of the date at least. A Gemini will love any date where they are allowed to engage their inner child but will not do well where they feel confined, isolated or bored.

Being possessive and trying to get the Gemini to plan too far in advance are likely to be Gemini dating dealbreakers. So will being too enigmatic – Gemini likes to figure people out and does not like being thwarted in attempts to do so! Unwillingness to change (adapt as the Gemini would see it) or compromise are dating and relationship dealbreakers as far as Gemini is concerned.


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