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Friday Flash – Turbo Nuclear Amazing Aries Awesomeness! – Part 5 – Friday Flash Fiction

Turbo Nuclear Amazing Aries Awesomeness! – Part 5

Aries’s Winner DNA Exercise

Become an expert on what works and apply it to your own life. You’ll be modelling yourself on people who’ve achieved what you want. You’ll be identifying true winners, learning from them and possibly exceeding their success! Use the techniques of learning how to be successful, designing a strategy, visualising and actually feeling your success and actualising your dreams.

Now’s the time to think awesomely and seismically uber big – hit the Richter scale, baby!

  1. Make a list of the top five things you want to achieve and why. Be honest about this – don’t just put things that “would be nice to do” or “sound good” or “would make me feel important”. Focus on your burning desires, the things you are really prepared to work at to get.
  2. Think about the practical reasons and what success will mean in terms of material things, such as a bigger house, better life for your family, financial independence etc.
  3. Now think about the emotional reasons, i.e. how happy and successful you will feel, how people will respect and look up to you and so on. You are looking to capture the emotional adrenalin that will help drive you in your quest.
  4. Now make a list of people who have achieved these things. It could be one person who has achieved all five things. Or, more likely, five people who have achieved one of your desires really well and who are feted as being “best-of-breed.” For example, if one of your objectives is to be a best-selling author of fiction, look at writers whose very name is sufficient to evoke breathtaking advances and make millions tune into TV adaptations of their books.
  5. Find out everything you can about these people. Use the Internet, autobiographies and biographies, magazine articles; write to them if they are still alive. Even better, see if you can arrange to meet up with them.
  6. How did they achieve their success? How long did it take them? What lucky breaks and synchronicities did they have? Who helped them on their path? How can you learn from their successes, and how can you learn from their failures?
  7. How can you apply these lessons to your own situation?
  8. Write down the key things that determined their success. Are there factors common to each of them, such as commitment, determination and persistence? What factors are unique to them, such as having a unique idea, finding the right contacts and so on? Can you synthesise their experience to design a process for success that you can apply to your life?
  9. Now think about how you can actually improve on what they have done. How could you do this better, how can you streamline and enhance their performance? How could you measure your increased success? You are looking to model yourself on these winners to a degree, but basically to use their success as your Winner DNA. How will you feel if you actually better the achievement of the top performers in your chosen field? Remember, you should be thinking big here so engage the emotions and the imagination!
  10. You now devise a strategy for success in each of these five areas. Think about how your five goals complement each other – for example becoming a best selling author may also satisfy a goal you have for financial independence. Look at some of the success strategy exercises in this book. Write down this strategy, keep it short and sexy, and make it sound bold and exciting. Learn it by heart. Also make sure you keep it flexible to meet changing circumstances.
  11. One highly effective technique that should be done now is to write a short future autobiography from the perspective of having achieved those goals. Simply imagine you have achieved all that you want, write down how you did it and who you learned from. You don’t need to show this to anyone, unless you really want to.
  12. You are trying to imagine how you feel when you have got to that stage of success, and how you actually achieved it. Once again engage imagination and the emotions.
  13. Now run with the strategy!

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