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Friday Flash Fiction – Beyond The Grave Part 2 of 2

Friday Flash Fiction – Beyond The Grave Part 2 of 2

My wedding to Caro was a simple affair without the fairy tale trimmings of my previous one. For Caro and I all that mattered was our love and we knew that our fairy tale would begin on our wedding night. How we longed for that night, the start of our new life together.  For the first time in years I was truly happy.

We booked a romantic room with a four poster bed in a castle that was steeped in history. It did not occur to me that this was more to Alyssa (my first wife)’s taste than Caro’s yet the story behind the castle appealed to Caro too. A couple caught in delicto flagrante by the husband’s wife and castle guards threw themselves onto the rocks below rather than be executed exactly the type of tragedy my first wife went for. As Caro said, ‘If she was anything like Alyssa she’d have been furious at the couple having an easy death!’

Our wedding night was dark and stormy and I could almost imagine the couple hurling themselves through the slit in the castle wall and onto those wickedly sharp rocks below. We watched the Sea roil around the rocks and suppressed a shudder.  I wanted to run as far from that hellish room as possible yet Caro seemed keen to stay. I’m not a superstitious man but I felt a malevolent presence in that room. Whatever it was hated us and was watching, waiting, biding its time.  Maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was the alcohol but I was sure that Caro’s simple wedding dress was changing into the ethereal boho affair worn by my wife.

My mind’s ramblings were brought to a halt by the pop of a champagne cork and the site of a naked Caro advancing towards me with a glint in her eye. ‘Come on darling, let’s celebrate our first night together as man and wife in style!’ She led me the bed and began to undress me. Teasing and tantalising me in a way that Alyssa never could. Soon I could bear the dance of seduction no longer and forced her down on the bed, ready to explode within her.

I barely registered her scream as I entered her brutally and slapped her hard; my eyes were drawn to the wedding dress advancing towards me. For wearing it was Alyssa whose eyes locked onto mine. Her smile was one of cruelty. ‘You swore that you would wait for me to claim you again. You promised me that you would never love again, you lying cheat!’ she screamed. ‘And as for that heifer you’re f*cking …’

I felt Caro clawing at my face a look of terror etched on to hers. Had she seen the horror too? Suddenly Alyssa was under me clawing at my face and screaming like a banshee.’ I reached for the brass candle stick on the bedside table and began to smash it down on the creature’s face. Over and over I hit Alyssa’s face until nothing remained but a bloody pulp. I heard her ribs and skull crack and give way as I frenziedly beat the monster underneath me.

Then I became conscious of the malevolent watcher in the room.  She smiled at me. ‘Oh dear, look what you’ve done now, how are you going to explain that one Angus? Who’d have thought that fat cow had so much blood in her!’

I screamed in rage and torment as the door crashed open and several armed police ran in. As they tasered me I remembered how hard I had fought to have the death penalty reintroduced in this godforsaken land.

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