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FLUSH: Forgive and Forget Part 3 of 4

FLUSH: Forgive ad Forget Part 3 of 4

Does Libra forgive and forget?

Libra will forgive a first offence (and a few more if you are lucky) in the interests of peace and harmony. They do not forget though and there is no way that they will forgive repeat offenders!

Does Scorpio forgive and forget?

It is very rare for a Scorpio to forgive especially if they have been hurt and/or betrayed.  Take a look at the How To Apologize to A Scorpio post to see how much work you are going to have to put in to be in with even the slightest chance of forgiveness.

Like fellow Mars ruled sign Aries and opposite sign Taurus, Scorpio NEVER forgets!

Does Sagittarius forgive and forget?

Although Sagittarius has the reputation for being tolerant and happy go lucky they are also champion grudge holders. Whether they will forgive you depends on how they are feeling and how serious they feel the ‘crime’ to be. They can also change their mind so you can go from feeling relieved and forgiven to being ditched in an instant.

While they may forgive Archers do not forget.

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