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Forgive and Forget Part 2 of 4

Forgive and Forget Part 2 of 4

Does Cancer forgive and forget?

This depends on how much you have hurt them or someone dear to them. If you’ve done this, you can forget forgiveness. If what you’ve done hasn’t really distressed the Cancer (or their nearest and dearest) then they are likely to be able to empathize with you and cut you some slack. If they can imagine themselves doing what you did they might even forgive you. They won’t, however, forget and will be watching warily to see whether you misbehave again!

Does Leo forgive and forget?

Possibly if you’re very close to them but you will need to put a great deal of effort into making things right again. You will also need to be aware that you are now on probation. One more transgression and you will not only be out of the Leo’s life – you won’t be coming back.

Even if the Lion does forgive you can rest assured that that the next argument you have with your Leo friend, lover, colleague or family member will be peppered with references to the very thing that you thought you’d been forgiven for.

Does Virgo forgive and forget?

Virgo will usually forgive as they are aware that nobody is perfect. They will however expect you to show them 1) how you intend to put things right which includes improving your behaviour and 2) that you are putting things right/improving your behaviour. Virgo will be more than happy to show you how to this. They will also remind you of how fortunate you are they they have chosen to forgive you.

This last sentence should tell you that Virgo may forgive but they will never forget, so you can expect to reminded of previous misdemeanours when the Virgo remembers them.

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