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Forgive & Forget (Part 1 of 4)

Forgive and Forget

Does Aries forgive and forget?

On the surface it would appear that Aries, who gets enraged quickly and calms down (as calm as an Aries can ever be!) quickly would be very likely to forgive and forget. Unfortunately this is not the case. While the Ram will appear to have moved on you can rest assured that the next argument you have with your Aries friend, lover, colleague or family member will be peppered with references to the very thing that you thought you’d been forgiven for.

Does Taurus Forgive And Forget?

No they most certainly don’t! If you have hurt them, crossed them or abused their trust you can rest assured that the Taurus born person will not give you a chance to repeat your behaviour. They will not run the risk and will not want to live with the insecurity of wondering whether you’re going to wrong them again.

Does Gemini forgive and forget?

The odds are that they will but they may find that the easiest way to do this is by severing all contact with you or finding other people to focus on when you come into view.

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