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Flash Fiction – Halloween Double Bill 2 of 2 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Eerie Full Moon At Night

Be Careful What You Wish For


Carly wandered along the unlit road, past the trees and away from the noise of the festival campsite. She could hear the sound of Duran Duran’s, “Hungry Like the Wolf”, blasting out even though the campsite must be a couple of miles away by now. WTF, who the Hell played 80s pop at a rock festival?

She pulled her waxed jacket carefully round her and wondered whether she would make it back to hotel in one piece. She’d felt so brave when she’d dumped Ulrick for biting her neck too hard when they were making out. Now she was beginning to regret her rash decision, he might be a biter but he had a car and would have driven her back to the hotel. She should have waited until she got safely back to the hotel before dumping the drunken oaf.

She heard the car approaching and recognised the raised voices – 4 blokes looking for trouble and trouble was the last thing she needed. She hid behind a tree and wondered whether to hide in the woods until the dawn broke. Tears started to fall as she looked up to the only source of light – a rather eerie moon. Almost on cue a wolf began to howl in the distance.

By now she was hungry, lost and very scared. The boots that had seemed such cool festival gear hurt her feet and her bare legs were torn by the thorny undergrowth she had fallen into when she lost her footing.

She stumbled back to the road and trudged despairingly on. How she wished Ulrick would come and rescue her, she’d forgive him anything. She remembered how things used to be, how she only had to to want to see him and he’d appear as if by magic. If only things could be like that again. But they couldn’t, could they?

Suddenly a familiar sound reached her ears. She’d recognize the sound of Ulrick’s Mustang anywhere but would he pick her out at the side of the road? Were his lights even working? The car rounded the bend and she ran towards the blazing headlights, her arms waving frantically.

Ulrick pulled up and wound down the window, “I’ve been looking for you for ages. Why are you walking away from the hotel? Am I that unbearable?”

She answered him by opening the passenger door, sliding into the passenger and kissing him on his closed eye lids. “Take me home”, she whispered, turning up the heating and falling asleep.  She was woken by Ulrick opening the car door and roughly pulling out. As she looked up into his eyes she noticed how they shone in the dark. Did human eyes really do that?


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