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Fixed Signs: If You’re In Hole Stop Digging – How to Stop Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

Fixed Signs: If You’re In Hole Stop Digging – How to Stop Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

We all know that within the Zodiac there are 12 signs, each with their own set of personality traits. However when it comes to individual signs, there are other variables that also influence how a particular sign exerts their personality, how they function in day to day activities and how they handle and cope with all situations.

Each of the Zodiac signs also is assigned “sign categories” and there are three of them that each sign will fall under the umbrella of: they are fixed, cardinal and mutable. Of the three categories, those who fall under the fixed signs are the most prone to struggle in some areas.

Fixed Signs

There are four Zodiac signs that are under the umbrella of the fixed signs. They are the Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. Fixed signs are among the most powerful, just as the name implies because it is these sign’s jobs to maintain balance and progression within the Zodiac. Unlike those who fall under the mutable and cardinal signs, the fixed signs make it their job to defend their opinions and keep traditions alive and well, regardless of whether they are right in any given circumstance.

Fixed signs above all else are the least welcoming and adaptable to change because with change comes uncertainty. Often referred to as hard headed or stubborn, the four signs that are fixed often fight unwelcomed change because it threatens their existence within the world and their immediate social surroundings.

On the other hand, a fixed sign, because they are so diligent and predictable, also make for the most loyal and dependable people within the Zodiac. These are not fly by night friends or lovers and once they commit to something, you can be sure that they will see it through to the very end, sometimes to a fault.

What these signs need to contend with however is that the inability to relax and go with the flow in some situations, or not being willing to bend, can also cause a lot of strife within their lives and they may be viewed by others as consistently being stuck in a rut. It can also lead to making the same mistakes over and over, even when they realize that something they are doing isn’t working the fixed sign often goes on repeating this behaviour. It is this fear of change and the innate inability to switch gears when necessary that can hinder them when it comes to attaining their goals and desires.

Fortunately, each sign regardless of which category they fall under and which personality traits come naturally to them have the ability to work on certain aspects of themselves so that they can lead productive and fruitful lives with a little effort.


The faithful and fun Taurus is a fixed sign. It also belongs to the Earth element and that can be both a saving grace and a flaw. Earth elements by their very nature are strong in personality, close to nature and also tend to be grounded individuals. Those who are grounded scarcely make irrational decisions because their very existence relies on things being in place and security is of the utmost importance.

The issues with fixed Earth signs however rear their ugly heads because on Earth we are surrounded by material possessions and the Taurus will inevitably find themselves desiring and at times obsessing about the possessions they possess or lack. Rarely will you come upon a Taurus who doesn’t have life insurance and other things that will offer security. But in their quest for personal and financial security, they often become so fixated on making sure all their ducks are in a row that it impedes in other areas of their lives.

The Taurus symbol is the bull which means they will be difficult to get through to. These are not people that will take suggestions and run with them nor will they change their traits and habits if you pigeon hole them into a corner. To deal with a Taurus and help them break through their stubborn ways, it will take some creativity and patience.

A Taurus cannot be rushed into anything and therefore the best way to get them to stop doing the same things over and over is to gently explain to them why a particular change is necessary and then give them some time to think on it. They are rational creatures and are able to ascertain situations from all angles, but they need to come to their conclusions in their own good time. Giving fair warning and some time for them to examine a change and then slowly ease into it is the most successful way to deal with this sign.

The Taurus will make necessary changes and try different avenues but the keyword for them is pace. Whatever new experience or new task you need a Taurus to engage in should be raised with them in a non-stressful time and explained in detail. They may need to expose themselves to change a few times before they are ready to take it on. Pushing your Taurus head first into freezing waters is something to avoid at all cost. Instead, allow them to dip their toes in the water and get a feel for the texture and temperature. They may need to do this a few times so they can learn to trust the situation at hand. Then sit back and slowly let them wade into the waters at their own pace and in their own time.

They will also be more prone to accept change if there is a tangible reward for doing so. Since this sign likes to reap benefits from their hard work, situations that deliver fruitful outcomes at the end will always encourage them to make further changes in the future.

To help you get comfortable with change there is a section in the AstroCoaching for Taurus – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential that is worth reading.


Leo is both a fixed and a fire sign so you can be sure that not only are they stubborn, they are passionate about everything that they do. They will charge forth and place all their energies into whatever they are doing, exerting full force and they won’t come up for air until the task is completed.

Because Leos truly believe that their way is the right way, it can be a challenge getting them to stop doing what they feel is right and best. Argumentative by nature, they will stake their claim quickly and ferociously and by all accounts will exert their authority whenever they can.

Leos are the most self-centered of all signs and they need to dominate everything in their lives so convincing them that another way may be better will prove to be difficult. Therefore, a lot of psychology will be needed when trying to help a Leo stop doing the same things time and again. For this to be attractive to a Leo (who thinks he or she always knows best) you will need to suggest subtle changes in such a way that they actually think the changes are their idea and not yours.

It’s very unlikely that a Leo will change at all unless that change is self-directed but if you can position them in situations where they are doing something different and are getting recognition for it, they will be more likely to try something new. The only way to get a Leo to stop doing what they are doing (and that they believe is the right way) is to bring their attention elsewhere and let them lead. Then encourage others to comment and applaud that change in a way that makes them feel in control and powerful.

To help you get comfortable with change there is a section in the AstroCoaching for Leo – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential that is worth reading.


Scorpio is a fixed sign and is also of the water element. Water is free flowing and needs to be able to continue to move, and this makes the Scorpio the most likely to change old ways and squash old habits, but it will take work because they are still fixed.  Scorpios are emotional creatures so to get them to change you will need to tap into those emotions quickly.

By their very nature they innately stick with something until it dies off naturally or they finally kill it themselves but this will take a long time. Scorpios generally have a set of beliefs that they stick to so whatever change you are proposing, it needs to fit in the general scheme of what they believe in. They have their own strict moral and ethical code which may or may not be other people’s.  They are also intellectual people, so explaining the ‘why’ is very important.

Use their emotions to your benefit and you will find that this sign will be more apt to accept change. Get them fired up about how the change will ensure that the Scorpio gets more personal power. Make sure that you tell the truth though – this sign does not suffer liars or fools at all, let alone gladly! They will respond to action words, especially if they see that it will benefit others. Never make the situation about you solely; instead make the change seem like it is the greater good for all and your Scorpio will move, albeit slowly.

Humour is also another way to a Scorpio’s heart so if you can get them to laugh at a situation (change) and see the lighter side of it, they will be more prone to accept the change with ease instead of fighting it.

To help you get comfortable with change there is a section in the AstroCoaching for Scorpio – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential that is worth reading.


A fixed air sign – those who fall under it are very communicative so there will need to be a lot of dialogue when persuading them to change their ways. Of all the signs, this one is the most adventurous and they are most fleeting, often making what appear to be irrational decisions without thinking about the consequences. The good thing about them however is that when someone explains why their decisions aren’t good or profitable, they can listen with an open mind and rationally evaluate what you are saying.

You will need to stay on your Aquarius though because they won’t remain focused for too long. They are always seeking instant gratification and thus make the same mistakes a lot. What they do like is order so if you can plead your case in such a way that it is broken down into clearly defined steps, they will see the picture more clearly. But they love their freedom too so you can’t block them into a corner and make them feel like there is no other way.

Propose the change you want to see in them in an orderly fashion and then make it seem like the change will be a new adventure. This is something they will respond to. And if you can give them choices, they will also be more apt to change.

To help you get comfortable with change there is a section in the AstroCoaching for Aquarius – Unleash Your Star Sign’s True Potential that is worth reading.

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