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Two Cancerians In The Same Family

As Partners/As Parent And Child

Provided that both Cancerians can satisfy their need for financial and emotional security they are likely to get on well. This is a family set up that can lead to some great money making ideas. Between you, you can create the most wonderful nurturing family set up.

The only real problem area is if both Cancerians feel intuitively that one course of action is the correct one but differ as to what that correct course of action is. Then the two sensitive, emotionally charged Cancerians can get rather nasty with each other. Fortunately this situation can be avoided when each Cancerian has a creative activity that they can throw themselves into or a common enemy to fight. They have a further outlet for tension in terms of being able to laugh at the situation given time. The Crab does have a rather wicked sense of humor, which should be encouraged.

Two Leos In The Same Family

As Partners/As Parent And Child

Provided that each Leo realises that both Leos have similar requirements for love, devotion and adoration this can a blissful set up. Both Leos will also need their own stage and gallery to play to otherwise they could get rather competitive with each other. Each Lion needs to be a leader in their own field, so that they do not fight each other for dominance.

If one Leo is receiving less attention that the other or that they are being dominated the most almighty row will ensure. Sparks will fly and Leos will roar. If each Leo has plenty of time in the spotlight the Leo home will be a happy one.

Two Virgos In The Same Family

As Partner/As Parent And Child

Either relationship can work beautifully provided that those nit-picking, critical tendencies are kept in check, which they usually are when familial love comes into play. The pragmatic Virgoans will come to an accommodation and adapt their living arrangements to accommodate any difficulties. Cleanliness and tidiness is unlikely to be an issue but hypochondria might be! However, provided that hypochondria is kept in check you will inspire each other to keep yourselves in superb physical shape!

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