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Does Virgo Play The Blame Game?

Blame Game – Which Star Signs Are Most Likely To Blame Others When Things Go Wrong?

The blame game is rarely useful or productive and while every Zodiac sign is capable of playing it as well as stacking the deck, there are some that play a little harder than others. Assigning blame to another person always serves a purpose. That purpose is to take the responsibility off of one individual so that they don’t have to feel responsible for their action. At times blaming another person is a deliberately malicious act; other times it is simply habitual as some signs are so obsessed with their image, that blaming others is one way of ensuring that they are always seen to be in the right. Understanding the intentions of the signs that play this game is just as important as knowing which signs are repeat offenders.

Does Virgo Play The Blame Game?

Virgo is hard-working, persistent and usually keen to serve. They also don’t like drama or drama Queens even though some Virgos can dramatic themselves. While they are great at spotting the shortcomings of themselves and others they won’t be proclaiming their shortcomings any time soon.  And they won’t thank you for pointing out their shortcomings either.

While Virgos do not like drama they won’t run away from a fight either. In fact they’ll martial their arguments and stand their ground. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they are very interested in details and will analyze every facet of a situation and person in order to come to a conclusion as to who is right or wrong in any argument. Their findings will then dictate whether they are willing and able to compromise and take blame. If they feel they have properly assessed a situation and the blame is not theirs to take, they won’t and you won’t change their minds. Virgo is very much associated with logical analysis, so a dispassionate and fair analysis will probably be forthcoming and beneficial. If they are wrong, they will say so—you just have to make sure all the evidence they are discretely collecting points that way.

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