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Does Capricorn Play The Blame Game?

Blame Game – Which Star Signs Are Most Likely To Blame Others When Things Go Wrong?

The blame game is rarely useful or productive and while every Zodiac sign is capable of playing it as well as stacking the deck, there are some that play a little harder than others. Assigning blame to another person always serves a purpose. That purpose is to take the responsibility off of one individual so that they don’t have to feel responsible for their action. At times blaming another person is a deliberately malicious act; other times it is simply habitual as some signs are so obsessed with their image, that blaming others is one way of ensuring that they are always seen to be in the right. Understanding the intentions of the signs that play this game is just as important as knowing which signs are repeat offenders.

Does Capricorn Play The Blame Game?

Capricorn is another sign that would prefer to be in the position of being right whenever possible and they will hold true to their convictions more than any other sign in the Zodiac. Capricorns are concerned with their image and also how much power and control they have over a situation, so they will keep a running tab of all the facts as they see them and refer to them when it comes time to duke things out.

Their memories are long. Really, really long and in many cases they are forgiving but they never forget. Arguing with this sign is exhausting! If a situation arises where they are at fault, it will be irrelevant because they will quickly justify their current misstep by saying it was caused by a past action of the other person. A Capricorn will always come out on top even when they are wrong. They may give a quick apology, but the conversation is likely to end with the statement that they were merely reacting to a previous situation or they will argue that they were misunderstood which then caused their negative reaction.

The serious and responsible Capricorn will quietly take responsibility for their shortcomings and will be very proactive in rectifying them. They don’t like to find fault in themselves and rarely if ever make the same mistakes twice. As much as they will argue and defend their logic, on the inside they are embarrassed and critical that they slipped up and won’t be willing to let it happen again. If and when they do take the blame, relish in it because it doesn’t happen often. It will also benefit the other party to vocalize to the Cap that they respect the fact that they did take responsibility. It’s important that the Capricorn knows their efforts are being recorded and validated, and it will also make future conflicts and taking the blame easier for them if they feel that they were acknowledged and that your positive view of them is unwavering.

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