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Does Cancer Play The Blame Game?

Blame Game – Which Star Signs Are Most Likely To Blame Others when Things Go Wrong?

The blame game is rarely useful or productive and while every Zodiac sign is capable of playing it as well as stacking the deck, there are some that play a little harder than others. Assigning blame to another person always serves a purpose. That purpose is to take the responsibility off of one individual so that they don’t have to feel responsible for their action. At times blaming another person is a deliberately malicious act; other times it is simply habitual as some signs are so obsessed with their image, that blaming others is one way of ensuring that they are always seen to be in the right. Understanding the intentions of the signs that play this game is just as important as knowing which signs are repeat offenders.

Does Cancer Play The Blame Game?

Cancerians are very child-like in a lot of what they do and this can equate to a level of immaturity. When they choose to play the blame game it is less about manipulation and more about not wanting to put themselves in a depressed state which can happen when we are forced to examine our shortcomings.

This sign is one that is not likely to place blame at all even though they are ruled by the Moon, which is always (in astrology) associated with emotions. Canerians really do feel everything deeply and really are concerned with the benefit and well being of others rather than themselves. They tend to steer well clear of confrontation,n so are more willing to accept fault and blame in order that the situation can be resolved quickly and everyone can move on to happier, more peaceful things.

I will reiterate that the Moon is strongly associated with emotions, and when those emotions are not balanced, the Cancerian is in a bad place. Although Cancers can come across as moody depressives they do in fact seek out the positives in any situation, and even the Universe as a whole, and will rely on their spirituality and intuition to guide them through rocky times. Putting situations right will be important to them and if that means they have to crucify themselves or sacrifice their own boundaries, they will do so in an effort to make things right again.

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