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Does Aquarius Play The Blame Game?

Blame Game – Which Star Signs Are Most Likely To Blame Others When Things Go Wrong?

The blame game is rarely useful or productive and while every Zodiac sign is capable of playing it as well as stacking the deck, there are some that play a little harder than others. Assigning blame to another person always serves a purpose. That purpose is to take the responsibility off of one individual so that they don’t have to feel responsible for their action. At times blaming another person is a deliberately malicious act; other times it is simply habitual as some signs are so obsessed with their image, that blaming others is one way of ensuring that they are always seen to be in the right. Understanding the intentions of the signs that play this game is just as important as knowing which signs are repeat offenders.

Does Aquarius Play The Blame Game?

Aquarius has no interest in playing the blame game or any other game that may have negative connotations. They are so free spirited and creative, always moving on to the next thing, that they don’t usually pay attention to tiresome things like faults, arguments and conflicts. For this sign, it doesn’t matter who is as fault; everyone is on a level playing field as far as they’re concerned and in their view we should all move on peacefully and find the next creative venture to embark upon.

These are humanitarians of the Zodiac and they love people. The wilder and wackier those people are the better, and because they love what is truly unique, they can easily dismiss any argument or unjust act and put it down to that person’s quirks—which they will love and respect.

It would be hard to get an Aquarius in a position where blame needs to be placed because they are so easy going and nailing them down to have a conversation about responsibility is a challenge. They are already on to the next thing, eager to learn something new, travel to a new area and make it a point to be carefree and childlike. The time that it would take to explain to this sign where they went wrong is time they don’t have and they have an overall lack of interest in discussing it. They would rather apologize and let it go. Time spent harboring resentments is time wasted and there is no logic (as far as they are concerned) in letting things drag on or holding onto ill feelings in any way.

For this sign everyone needs to just get along and focus on good will to make the world a better place for all.

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