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What Virgo Needs To Feel Validated

Everyone needs a little validation from time to time; after all this is how we know that we are on track and having someone other than yourself telling you that you are wonderful, successful, attractive and otherwise amazing, is a great boost to your ego. The level to which each individual needs and seeks validation and affirmation varies greatly and within the astrological realm, some signs need validation to be consistent and unwavering, while others think so highly of themselves already that they seek validation sporadically. So where does your sign fall on the validation scale and how do you look to get your validation needs met? Take a look—the results may surprise you!

What Virgo Needs To Feel Validated

Virgo folks are also not particularly concerned with validation and compliments because most of their thoughts and actions are self-contained. They are clear thinkers with objectives and as long as they are meeting their own goals and deadlines, they are okay with the working world as it is.

This sign has a knack for observing others and analyzing so they will be the first to know when they are being recognized regardless of how subtle that recognition may be. Amazing communicators, if they do feel they have gone unnoticed, they may bring it to your attention, but expressed in a calm and collected way, completely stripped and void of emotion. They may make an unemotional and modest statement which will also be logical as to why they are feeling the way they do. Whether or not you respond however is not important. Their objective was to let you know and they have moved on, entirely unconcerned about whether you have absorbed it or not.

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