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What Scorpio Needs To Feel validated

Everyone needs a little validation from time to time; after all this is how we know that we are on track and having someone other than yourself telling you that you are wonderful, successful, attractive and otherwise amazing, is a great boost to your ego. The level to which each individual needs and seeks validation and affirmation varies greatly and within the astrological realm, some signs need validation to be consistent and unwavering, while others think so highly of themselves already that they seek validation sporadically. So where does your sign fall on the validation scale and how do you look to get your validation needs met? Take a look—the results may surprise you!

What Scorpio Needs To Feel Validated

Scorpios can be domineering, demanding and very jealous especially when in relationships which also means they need a lot of validation from those around them. Their expectations are vast but that’s because they expect nothing less than what they give. This is a passionate sign that approaches everything with fervor and passion and their world must be ignited in the same way.

Especially where intimacy is concerned, they will seek lots of approval when it comes to their prowess and technique but it doesn’t take much to make their egos soar. Simply letting them know they are going about things perfectly will suffice.  The great thing about this sign is that they are super vocal and will actually instruct you as to what they need in terms of praise, recognition and appreciation in no uncertain terms. Therefore you should be able to know what you need to do to keep them happy.

Their egos need to be stroked with a vengeance and in a clear, direct way. When they don’t get the recognition they feel they deserve, you are likely to see them pouting and becoming displeased. They will not just confine themselves to actions – they will also let you know verbally.

They can feel insecure when it comes to feeling loved and wanted but they aren’t shy about sharing their feelings once they trust you enough to value your validation. Their insecurities can drive them mad and completely douse their passion so they will let you know that you aren’t paying them enough attention.

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