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What Libra Needs To Feel Validated

What Libra Needs To Feel Validated

Everyone needs a little validation from time to time; after all this is how we know that we are on track and having someone other than yourself telling you that you are wonderful, successful, attractive and otherwise amazing, is a great boost to your ego. The level to which each individual needs and seeks validation and affirmation varies greatly and within the astrological realm, some signs need validation to be consistent and unwavering, while others think so highly of themselves already that they seek validation sporadically. So where does your sign fall on the validation scale and how do you look to get your validation needs met? Take a look—the results may surprise you!

What Libra Needs To Feel Validated

Libras are the sign that is most concerned with balance and justice which fits in quite nicely with validation. This sign will never fish for compliments or expect validation unless they are absolutely sure they have earned it. Even when they have, they will be slow to accept it as they believe there is always room for growth and improvement.

While some signs may downplay their accomplishments in an effort to get more compliments and accoutrements, when a Libra takes the stance of, “It’s no big deal,” they actually mean it. It is not a feeble attempt to manipulate others to continuously shower them with more compliments.

However, because they view the world in a checks and balances kind of way, they also are not pushovers by nature. When they have succeeded in areas of work, love and virtue and are not met with recognition, over time they will become displeased. In these instances they will not be forceful, but rather mention the job well done and gaze at you with a steady look, awaiting your response. They do need to hear that their work did not go unnoticed, but not because their egos are bruised if this does not happen. It is because it is proper to identify an accomplishment and because they need to move on to another task and cannot do so until they feel moving on is justified.

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