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What Leo Needs To Feel Validated

Everyone needs a little validation from time to time; after all this is how we know that we are on track and having someone other than yourself telling you that you are wonderful, successful, attractive and otherwise amazing, is a great boost to your ego. The level to which each individual needs and seeks validation and affirmation varies greatly and within the astrological realm, some signs need validation to be consistent and unwavering, while others think so highly of themselves already that they seek validation sporadically. So where does your sign fall on the validation scale and how do you look to get your validation needs met? Take a look—the results may surprise you!

What Leo Needs To Feel Validated

The sign of Leo is one that is fraught with self-imaging and more than any other sign they will seek validation in every aspect of their lives. A prideful sign, they are known to have great strength (thus their symbol of the lion) and warm hearts (they are controlled by the Sun). They are fierce and born leaders who are headstrong, but any good leader needs a following or they lose their position.

The Leo is intriguing because they constantly need to be in the limelight and while they appear to be entirely confident, in reality they need people around them to appreciate and look up to them. Without an audience and people telling them how wonderful they are or how well they have completed a task, their pride will take a hit.

When these folks seek validation, they will be bold, brassy and over the top. They will go far beyond the call of duty to prove how grandiose they are and make it a point to let others know where they have succeeded and why they should be acknowledged. They will also have no issue with creating a checklist of all their attributes so that questioners will not be left confused.  Think of this as a running tab complete with columns listing their greatnesses and accomplishments in a resume style.

This is the Zodiac sign that will not mince words when they feel undervalued and underappreciated.

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