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What Aries Needs To Feel Validated

What Aries Needs To Feel Validated

Everyone needs a little validation from time to time; after all this is how we know that we are on track and having someone other than yourself telling you that you are wonderful, successful, attractive and otherwise amazing, is a great boost to your ego. The level to which each individual needs and seeks validation and affirmation varies greatly and within the astrological realm, some signs need validation to be consistent and unwavering, while others think so highly of themselves already that they seek validation sporadically. So where does your sign fall on the validation scale and how do you look to get your validation needs met? Take a look—the results may surprise you!

What Aries Needs To Feel Validated

This sign is ruled by Mars and in Greek mythology they were the warriors. It is also the first sign of the Zodiac and true to form, an Aries expects to be first. Blunt and direct, they will let you know when they are not validated to the degree that they believe they should be. They are argumentative and objective so when they feel the need for validation it will mostly be expressed ferociously and in the form of an argument (one in which they will probably win).

What is most important to this sign is justice, facts and of course winning. Those who have to contend with this sign should be ready to validate Aries regularly and it will need to be verbal as well as physical, but also not compromising their independence. You must compliment them in a way that lets them know they got there on their own and of their own volition. Nobody held their hand, did their work for them or told them what to do. (Read this as not taking too much credit for their successes.)

The less they are validated, the more they will point out why they should be. Every goal that is met by them will be intricately documented and they will shout it from the rooftops. Though they try to do so subtly, their favorite word is “I” so you can expect to be notified with phrases such as “I was the first to come up with that idea” and “I saw the project through to the end.” You are then expected to respond enthusiastically (and worshipfully!) with plenty of ringing endorsements. And make sure there are others in the room to hear it.

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