How To Get Rid Of People Who Are ToXiC

How To Get Rid Of People Who Are ToXiC

The mission of this book is to enable you to identify, deal with and eliminate toxic individuals who add no value to your life and actively sabotage it. You can see it as an instruction manual with a clear call to action. It draws on neuroscience, psychology and philosophy, repurposing proven techniques to empower you to deal with toxic influences in your life.

A toxic person is defined as someone who is continually and persistently bad for you to be around. They regularly manipulate and undermine you and take great joy in your misery whilst pretending to be your friend. Their presence is pernicious and injurious to your psychological and physical wellbeing. They think they have an inalienable right to provoke, pry and interfere in whatever you do. They delight in breaching any boundaries you have drawn in an attempt to deal with their unwanted presence or behaviour. They do not respect you – not at all, no matter what they say or appear to do to convince you otherwise.
There is obviously a difference between a wilfully toxic individual (hereafter referred to as a Toxic) and a person who exhibits toxic behaviour. Toxic behaviour won’t be the way the second person normally acts – they may be in a state of anger, depression, despair or grief when they behave in a toxic manner, and will simply be expressing how they feel at that point in time. They won’t always use that behaviour in a purposeful and exploitative manner.

The Toxic, however, is characterised by a series of behaviours, all of which are designed to manipulate you. A normal individual will usually see the error of their toxic behaviour, often be mortified and will invariably apologise and attempt to make things right with you. A Toxic will do none of these things and will ‘get off’ on trying to manipulate you by whatever means they can, only ‘apologising’ if it’s part of their scheme to dominate you.

Perhaps the thought of someone who adds no value to your life makes you realise how obnoxious and vile their behaviour can be and that you’ll tolerate no more of it. You are now reaching the turning point, the point of no return.

The only ingredient missing is you taking action.

Forewarned is forearmed. Bad things can happen to good people and exposure to a Toxic is a salutary example. That this has taken place is not your fault or any reflection on your character. It’s just something that has happened and, like any disease that can get worse, has to be dealt with in a forthright and effective manner.

This extensively researched book will help you with identifying, targeting and dealing with the Noxious Nine Toxic Types.

These people could be your colleagues, bosses and fellow students, past friends, acquaintances, and ex-lovers, even members of your family. Or simply someone you’ve recently met who’s already crossing all of your boundaries.

The common denominator is how they make you feel and if you really want their presence in your existence to continue. Remember, it’s your life and it’s getting shorter by the second. It’s your choice who you allow into it and also who you don’t want as they provide no pleasure or support and undermine your wellbeing.

So do you want to waste any more time on toxic individuals? Maybe you should consider adopting a different and much more proactive strategy. Why wait and passively surrender control to them?

The objective of this book is to inform you how to identify the toxic individuals that contaminate your life. It outlines strategies for communicating your concerns to them and then describes the process for ejecting them from your life, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Once you’ve done this, you free up vital energies for doing things that you want to do and no longer need to pay any attention to them.

This book a shortened version of How To Deal With People Who Are ToXiC and is currently only available on Amazon.

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