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How To Deal With People Who Are ToXiC – Dealing with ToXiC Discharge Part 2 of 2

How To Deal With People Who Are ToXiC – Dealing with ToXiC Discharge Part 2 of 2

Relax and close your eyes (clearly you shouldn’t try this whilst driving or engaging in any other activity that demands your full attention). You begin by visualising the Toxic; a large caricatured image of their face is a good starting point. Position this on the right hand side of your mental screen. The image should be as big and vivid as you can make it – think Mount Rushmore style. Have fun and let your imagination off the leash. Visualise every blemish on their face, large oily open pores, any acne or pockmarks, spots and a constellation of blackheads. Heighten it up by thinking of their unwashed greasy hair.

Engage every sensation – smell their rank breath, shudder at their mung infested green teeth. Gross out at their yellow stained at one stage white underwear that jovially proclaims ‘round the corner chocolate’s made’. Wince at their body odour and perpetual flatulence and imagine them going off on one of their invariably noisy and meaningless rants. Make them as disgusting and repellent as you possibly can.

Hold onto this picture for a little while – you can hype it up and make it quite comedic, like a Steve Bell or Gerald Scarfe cartoon on acid. Once the image is at its most vivid, switch it to the left of your mental screen and shrink it. Imagine a balloon being pierced. This should be done in nanoseconds, faster even than an executive raiding the mini bar and accessing the porn channel in a hotel room. The image of the Toxic incubus can then be slipped into an envelope and shredded, secured in a little box and buried in wet concrete at a construction site, or you can see it dissolve into a series of petals, cherry blossom if you like, that fall onto a rapidly flowing stream and poetically disappear forever. This exercise neutralises the Toxic by showing them in all their repellent glory before you terminate them for good via TTP.

Eventually your higher self might triumph and you may experience feelings of compassion and tenderness towards the Toxic. This is fine and noble and will make you feel good and just a little bit in awe of your newly developed qualities of mercy and forgiveness. Definitely time to crack open the champagne and fill your best lead crystal flutes. However, don’t be inspired to re-engage with the Toxic as everything will just kick off again and your recently found equanimity may find itself strained beyond endurance. The possibility exists that the Toxic may have seen the light and changed for the better, but that’s most unlikely, and you really don’t want to put that to the test, do you?

What you are seeking to avoid are emotions that are any more extreme than these and engage you proactively and experientially. Hatred is understandable, and you may experience a lot of this short term, but it is counterproductive to pursue continuously and for an extended period of time. Unless you get off on hating people and it gives you a sense of elation of course, in which case you may be Toxic yourself.

Schopenhauer said that hatred is a matter of the heart and contempt a matter of the head. Take your choice of what works for you. But ultimately Olympian detachment is your friend here and will be the natural choice as things move on and memories and emotions fade as the Toxic becomes more and more distant.

In summary, you want yourself and those you care about to thrive and flourish and memories of the Toxic to wither and perish. It’s at this stage that you are totally free of them, and the sooner you can make this happen, clearly the better.

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