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Cosmic Chillout – Health, Fitness and Relaxation by Star Sign Part 2

Cosmic Chillout – Health, Fitness and Relaxation by Star Sign Part 2


Cancerians are usually able to keep healthy so long as they feel loved, needed and secure. If any of these requirements is lacking the Cancerian may suffer from nervous illnesses related to the upper digestive tract, depression, anaemia and eating disorders. Any illness will be born without complaint and with a great deal of fortitude.

Cancer likes to relax with loved ones. I this can take place by water that would be perfect. The Cancerian will also enjoy genealogy, antique collecting, cooking, water sports and looking after animals.



Leos are normally happy, healthy and energetic people so long as they are loved and appreciated. Unloved and unappreciated Leos can suffer from accidents, fever and sudden illnesses. They can also have a tendency to ignore ill health in the hope that it will go away or because it doesn’t fit in with their self-image! The Lion can have a tendency to refuse to stay in bed/take their medicine for long enough for the healing to place leading to a recurrence of the condition.

Leo tends to distress by taking the odd catnap, sunbathing, indulging in amateur dramatics or hanging out with admiring fans. Eating out, going to the theatre and sporting activities are also a means of relaxation.



Virgo, the Zodiac’s hypochondriac, tends to look after him- herself so well that few health problems arise. Diseases that afflict Virgoans tend to be associated with the digestive system e.g. malnutrition, diarrhoea and indigestion.

To relax Virgo needs to find something stimulating to do. Most Virgos will enjoy intellectual and practical pursuits and will undertake some form of exercise for health reasons. Virgoans love computers, finding out about alternative health, intricate tasks like needlework, gardening and reading.

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