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Character is Destiny – Sagittarius & Capricorn Character

Character is Destiny – Sagittarius & Capricorn Character

Sagittarius Character


This sign lives by freedom and when their freedom is in jeopardy, everything within their lives go awry. Fiercely independent, they love to explore everything regardless of where it may lead them. While other signs are not risk takers, the Sag is very much into risky ventures because they are out of the norm and offer excitement.  Often referred to as the ‘explorer’ of the Zodiac, this sign will likely live a life of excitement and good fortune because they will go hunting for opportunities wherever they can rather than sitting back and waiting to be found.

Sagittarius people will work with fate, destiny and the universe in an easy, flowing sort of way because they will welcome change with open arms. Sagittarians will embrace every new experience for the life lessons that can be gained from it.  They are also one of the most selfless signs, rarely if ever expecting anything in return for any favour or kindness they bestow on others. For this reason, and the Sagittarians easy going nature, everyone loves to call the Sag a friend.

An excellent communicator and eternal optimist, finding a career that requires talking or selling is right up your alley and will prove to be fruitful. People love to listen to you because you are full of life and do not have a pushy nature. But you also have a tendency to be much too honest at the most inopportune times, and when people don’t necessarily want to hear what you have to say. Choosing your battles, so to speak, should be your lesson in the New Year. But, you aren’t brutally honest as a way to hurt others; you simply don’t know any other way. If you inadvertently hurt someone else’s feelings, you can easily smooth things over due to the fact that people usually like you enough to cut you plenty of slack. Most people will accept your apology and let it go. Lucky you!

What can get you side tracked however when it comes to creating your destiny and going where you want to go is that you are so easy going and flowing that you often miss deadlines and appointments. This isn’t so much because you are irresponsible, it is just that you are probably thoroughly enjoying whatever it is that you are already engaged in. This can be problematic in personal and business relationships. If you are paired with a sign that runs on a schedule and needs punctuality, you will come off as being self-centered and rude when you are late in arriving. At the same time, if you are seeking a job that is deadline driven, your bosses will not appreciate your ‘the party doesn’t start until I get there’ mentality. Sometimes you will run late because you are such a conversationalist and get caught up in speaking with someone, while other times you are just moving at your own speed.

Either way, working on being timely and respecting the needs of others when it comes to being on time is something to take note of. You do need to work at being more efficient at that even if it doesn’t really speak to your core and authentic self.  You aren’t really a natural when it comes to holding down a rigid 9 – 5 job. Careers in the entertainment industry are perfect because you naturally make people laugh or feel other emotions, and those in that field are used to dealing with creative types, who march to the beat of different drums than say, Wall Street types. Whatever you do, refrain from an office like setting that has a clock that you must answer to regularly because it is not likely that you will follow those rigid guidelines for any length of time. Doing something you love will ensure that you commit as much as a Sagittarius can, and will also ensure that you keep at whatever you have committed to getting done.

Relationships can be tough for this sign because they love all things beautiful. When they say they love you, they mean it but they are perfectly capable of loving someone else at the same time. This is because they love the thrill of adventures, they love the chase and because they innately detest anything that reins them in. Remember that you like your freedom and a small amount of that will be lost when you enter into a partnership with someone else. Being upfront and honest from the beginning about the amount of freedom you need will help the other person understand where you are coming from.

Younger Sagittarius individuals usually won’t marry or settle down early but if they do, they will need to find partners that will allow them to go off on their own and spread their wings. It is likely that the Sag will wander off, sometimes for days looking for their next adventure. Never overly emotional, you may find that some signs are emotionally exhausting because they need constant assurance of your love and faithfulness. For you, the non-committal Sag, this will pose issues right from the start if you aren’t careful. Finding another Sag or a sign who is not needy or clingy , just like you is the only way to make relationships work.

Capricorn Character


Leaving anything up to fate and destiny will be difficult for the Capricorn whether they are male or female. In fact, not being able to predict the future and leaving things up to chance or some mythical and universal entity will undoubtedly make a Capricorn very uncomfortable. Perhaps more than any other sign, this one will wrestle with the thought of destiny, predetermination and fate the most because those born under it are determined to keep absolute control over everything they do at all times.

Capricorn’s character traits can lead to rich successes as well as hinder them when it comes to reaching their full potential. Just like Scorpio, you have plenty of intensity and passion, but you can have tunnel vision and be impossible to deal with. You also have a tendency unlike say an Aries, to remain pessimistic rather than optimistic and this will cloud your vision in the New Year (or any other year) if you aren’t careful.

Capricorns need security as much as they need oxygen and when their world becomes shaky, so too does the very essence of their being.  Everything from relationships to career must have order and that means these signs are not too in tune with letting go and enjoying experiencing the adventures that other signs do which can spell missed opportunities. Sometimes Capricorns just need to risk letting go in some areas of their lives and trusting that the Universe will lead them where they are intended to go.

Inevitably this trust should begin with their relationships as they tend to be the hub of the Capricorn world. Although you aren’t necessarily always social creatures like a Libra, you need people to either get you where you want to go or to offer you security within your love life. Unless you seek the perfect partner in a Taurus or Virgo, you will have to work at your relationship with other signs and that means opening up to the fact that you can’t always run the show. You should also embrace the differences that you see in others. Do not see challenges and disruption as a sign of uncertainly or weakness, but as new opportunities to explore facets of yourself that have remained hidden since birth.

It will also be helpful to not be so judgmental of others. You have a tendency to judge others because the Capricorn is obsessed with status and grand things. Let go of your preconceptions with regard to others (especially those who are artistic) and see the endless possibilities that can manifest from dreaming every once in awhile.

Career wise you often feel that you are half way toward where you need and want to be, but subtle changes here will serve you well. Although you respect authority (especially if you are the one in charge) you will also buck it every chance you get, not due to lack of respect, but probably because you aren’t in the powerful position that you want to be in.

This can make you less receptive to other’s opinions and that needs to change. You aren’t always right and your stubbornness needs to take a backseat in the work area this coming year. Utilize your assets and power where they will most benefit you, but let others take the lead every now and again. It will show that you are a team player.  You are driven so no matter what career you choose, you will be successful if your ego doesn’t get in the way. Choose a path that will help you work towards a management position or where you can take the lead on some projects. Anything in the financial industry, building or even teaching will all offer you the chance to be organized and detailed, while sharing your knowledge.

Above all, remain true to yourself and set small goals that are attainable. Your sun sign dictates that the moment you perceive yourself as having failed, your depression will increase and this can be devastating to you and those around you. In the coming year, choose goals that you can complete quickly as well as keeping your eye on the prize for longer and larger goals. The key word for the Capricorn in 2013 is balance.

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