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Catch Me If You Can – Do Virgo like to chase or be chased?

Catch Me If You Can – Do Virgo like to chase or be chased?

Virgo is the sign that is most happy to be both single and celibate – and chasing them is unlikely to change their mind! That is not to say that they never date many of them do and many of them form long lasting relationships. What I am saying, however, is that like fellow Earth signs Capricorn and Taurus they take their time to decide whether to enter a relationship or not. Think of it as an audition – you have to make it clear that you’re interested and you have to highlight your good points. By good points I mean those talents, physical attributes etc. that you know the Virgo will appreciate. Then you have to make it clear that you are interested in dating them and only them – no keeping another potential date in reserve unfortunately as this will not impress the Virgo. Either you want them or the other person – you can’t want both, surely. For Virgo everything has to be perfect so they don’t really understand why someone who is keen on them would then be prepared to settle for someone else.

The Virgoan is also big on self-control, dignity and decorum (so far, so earth sign) and is, therefore, not keen on someone who chases, pursues and generally wants to rush headlong into a relationship. As far as Virgo is concerned relationships need to be weighed up and analysed at every step, which means that they do not wish to be rushed into a decision. Should you try to bounce a Virgo into a yes decision you can rest assured that the answer will be no. ‘Why so desperate?’ thinks Virgo, ‘What’s wrong with them? What are they trying to hide? Why the rush?’

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