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Catch Me If You Can – Do Capricorn like to chase or be chased?

Catch Me If You Can – Do Capricorn like to chase or be chased?

Capricorn takes their time before making a move not because they are shy or lacking in confidence but because they want to be sure that they are dating the right person. When it comes to dating and relationships Capricorn tends to think long term from the get go and will be carefully assessing a potential mate in terms of whether they are worth Capricorn investing time, energy, resources and (yes) emotion in. Not only does Capricorn not want to waste time on people who are not worthy of them they also do not want to run the risk of being hurt. When it comes to love Capricorn gives themselves fully and thus rejection hurts. The Sea Goat is not a player nor do they want to associate with people who are, so any one who chases a Capricorn needs to be very careful that they do not come across as either desperate or a player. By all means show the Sea Goat that you like them but do not embarrass them by chasing them to the degree that other people begin to tease the Cappy about it.

Chasing rather than encouraging the Sea Goat is unlikely to get the desired result as Capricorn values those who behave in a dignified and restrained manner. They also value those who are prepared to wait for what and whom they want, and who take the trouble to ensure that the person they desire is a good fit for them.

Showing a Capricorn that you like them is pretty easy to achieve, in fact they’ll probably be aware of your feelings before you are. The Sea Goat is every bit as good at reading people as Water signs Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. They also have the advantage that while most people expect to be an open book where the Water signs are concerned, they do not expect to be as transparent to the Sea Goat.

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