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Catch Me If You Can – Do Cancer like to chase or be chased?

Catch Me If You Can – Do Cancer like to chase or be chased?

The Cancerian will usually take their time before making a move and will certainly want to study a potential mate carefully before making a move. Cancer men like to feel secure and in control so it is usually better to allow them to initiate and set the pace when it comes to relationships. Your mission should you choose to accept is to ensure that the Cancerian does not feel that he will be rejected if he asks for a date. Cancer is often rather a shy sign so any woman wishing to date a Cancer will have to make it obvious that she likes him (and only him!) so that he feels safe making a move. Subtly encouraging him to make a move without making him feel threatened is usually the way to go with this sign rather than making him feel that you’re so self-confident that you’ll take over the running of the relationship.

Once you’ve got your Cancerian then continually keeping in touch, showing how much you care and how much you want to be with them is very important as the Cancer does have moments where they feel insecure and afraid of rejection. Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen does not work for Cancerians. They don’t as a rule go for moody unpredictable folk even though they can sometimes be guilty of moodiness themselves.

Now when it comes to what might be construed as chasing, Cancer is an interesting sign. It’s perfectly ok to come straight out and ask them on a date – the Cancer man will not be fazed by this at all. He may not accept immediately and if he chooses not to accept then there is little point continually extending invitations as he’ll feel rather harassed and uncomfortable. Yet, if you do manage to date a Cancerian you can invite them for dinner at you place and talk about family (theirs, yours and your views on whether you want to raise a family or not) early on in the relationship without the Cancerian panicking.

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