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Catch Me If You Can – Do Aquarius like to chase or be chased?

Catch Me If You Can – Do Aquarius like to chase or be chased?

That really depends on whether you can sneak up on them by keeping all interactions on a friendly rather than a romantic basis. Provided that you can come up with plenty of interesting places to go, things to do and can keep conversation stimulating then you can feel pretty safe issuing as many invitations as you like. However when it comes to romance you are usually better leaving it up to the Aquarius to make the first move, then the pair of you can happily take it in turns to chase other. Leave it to the Aquarian to set the pace and to decide when to take things to the next level – let’s face it when it comes to Aquarius if you hold on to too tight you’ve already lost them.

Keep it light breezy, plenty of contact but nothing too intense or heavy and show that you are somebody that they can rely on. Feeling that there is always someone loyal who is 100% on their side and who ‘gets’ them is important for the Water Bearer and it takes time to create that impression. If you are the type of person who is prepared to play a waiting game and it’s likely that you’ll have to, then don’t ruin your chances by trying to move things along too quickly. Do however be honest about the fact that you love them if you do. While no Aquarian wants to feel that they are on a bullet train to coupledom they do not like people who play games, mask their emotions and who are not open/honest. Sure, the Aquarian likes to be intrigued by someone but once he’s made up his mind that he wants to be with you then be honest about your feelings.

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