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Catastrophizing and Why It Is Bad For You

Catastrophizing and Why It Is Bad For You

The human mind is a mysterious and theatrical place where some of our worst nightmares can become a reality.  This is quite common for people who suffer from something known as “catastrophizing”.  This particular mental mystery is generally categorized as an immensely irrational thought that something may appear to be significantly worse than it actually is.  You may have encountered a situation where you have found yourself catastrophizing as it is quite common amongst the general population.

Catastrophizing in Every Day Life

One of the largest detriments of catastrophizing is that it can impede your daily duties as you will always be afraid that anything bad, can and will happen.  This is why it can be incredibly difficult to live with this problem.  As an example, if you have a particular task to complete at work such as filing and you notice that you have made a small error, you may automatically believe that the entire business will fail because of this one error.  When in reality, it is relatively insignificant and will most likely never be seen as a catastrophic failure.

Catastrophizing in the Future

The second most common type of catastrophizing does not pertain to current situations that you may encounter, instead, it relates more to future events and is a far more in-depth process.  An individual who suffers from the second type of catastrophizing will look into the future and anticipate a variety of negative things that could go wrong.  Once this occurs, the individual will then begin to create real-life scenarios due to the fact that since they believe that something is going to go wrong, it actually goes wrong.  The main issue with this type of catastrophizing is that the actions of the individual (due to their negative attitude) are what make the negative events occur.

Emotional Impact

As previously mentioned, catastrophizing can be quite difficult to live with as it will greatly impede your daily duties.  It is also important to consider the emotional impact that it will have on you.  An individual with this problem will always believe that they are going to fail – regardless of how hard they try.  They may also believe that they are an underachiever and a general disappointment to their friends, family members, and even coworkers.  This amount of emotional impact could drastically damage the self-esteem of an individual and bring forth an array of other mental disorders such as depression and self-loathing.

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