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Capricorn Long Distance Relationship

Capricorn Long Distance Relationship

The sexy Sea Goat does have a reputation for cheating though this is less likely if s/he is married to his- or her career and sees working away from home as a necessary step towards building a secure future together. While Capricorn like Scorpio has a high sex drive and is perfectly capable of separating sex from love; they (again like Scorpio) will remain faithful to the person they really love. The Sea Goat is unlikely to throw away a loving relationship (that has taken time and emotional investment to create) on a one or few night’s stand.

You may need to be careful if the competition enhances Capricorn’s career prospects or social standing though.

Although the outside world often writes Capricorn’s off as unfeeling folk this is far from the case. A Capricorn in love wants to be with their loved one so if your Cappy keeps suggesting more frequent visits you’d better brace yourself for a request (or should that be order) that you relocate to be with them. In short, should the Sea Goat decide that that long distance love will become long term love you can rest assured that they will be meticulously planning one or both of you re-locating so that you can be together.

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