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Does Capricorn live in the past, present or future?

Does Capricorn live in the past, present or future?

Capricorn always has their eyes fixed firmly on the future while living in the present, even more so than fellow Earth sign Taurus. While the Sea Goat is regarded as having plenty of respect for convention and traditions this does not mean that they look back or are nostalgic for times gone by. They are more likely to revisiting their past to learn from their failures and successes and to take stock of how far they’ve come.

Until Capricorn has made their life conform to their desires they will be very future focussed as they plot the route forward to where they want to be. Projecting forward into the future in this manner does not mean that Capricorn will lose sight of the present. Far from it. Capricorn will be fully engaged by their present circumstances as they meticulously carry out those actions that will propel them forward to where they wish to be. Once there, they might even relax and enjoy the results of all that planning and persistence though it is more likely that they will project forward into the future in order to select new targets worthy of their attention.

When it comes to relationships the Sea Goat is often torn between the present and the past if the relationship is foundering. They’ll do their best (for a while) to save the relationship in order to maintain the stability and security that they seek. That said; they are also perfectly capable of cutting loose from those who are no longer appropriate for where the Sea Goat is now and where they plan to be in the future.

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