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Are Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces Resilient?

Are Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces Resilient?

Is Capricorn Resilient?

As you would expect from a sign traditionally associated with adversity (especially in youth) the Sea Goat is extremely resilient. They of all people know that there are times when life seems to be intent on throwing you a major curve ball and that the best strategy is not to get too het up about it. The wily Sea Goat takes the view that life is a learning exercise and that often we learn more from our failures than our successes. S/he also takes the view that the best things in life are those you have had to work hard for.

Is Aquarius Resilient?

The Aquarian takes a very balanced and rational approach to life’s knocks. They aren’t given to angsty negativism and accept that life is somewhat chaotic, bad things do happen to good people and that the best thing to do with a set-back is to see what if anything might be learnt from it. They might also look at whether there might be a creative way to overcome it.  After all, others’ must face the same problem so if the Aquarian can solve it, that has to be good for humanity, right?

Once the Aquarian has looked at what, if anything, they might need to do differently in the future and what can be salvaged from the situation; they will pick themselves up and move onwards and upwards. They will also probably have a damn good laugh at the situation later.

Is Pisces Resilient?

Pisces tends to go with the flow when it comes to most situations, which means that they rank high on the resilience scale. Whatever happens they’ll adapt and help those around them to adjust to changed circumstances or unexpected events.  The Piscean also tends to believe that whatever happens is part of a ‘universal/divine plan’ and thus should not be judged or resisted. Also, the Piscean can also dodge reality by escaping to a fantasy world should this be required!

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