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Cancer Long Distance Relationship

Cancer Long Distance Relationship

Cancer thinks long and hard before entering into a relationship and will already have weighed up the pros and cons of entering into a long distance relationship.  For the home-loving Cancer to even contemplate a long distance relationship they have got to be seriously smitten, which means that their long distance love had better brace themselves for making plenty of romantic (and reassuring) phone calls, sending plenty of romantic gifts and cards; plus plenty of travelling to visit their Cancer sweetheart. The Cancer will naturally reciprocate so their loved one will probably need to make their living accommodation over to match the Cancer’s. That way the Cancer will feel as if they are in their own home even though (at this stage) they aren’t. Reassuring, non?

Naturally, at some stage the Cancerian will put their long distance love on the spot and demand to know exactly where the relationship is heading.

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