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Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – A Glimpse Into Where Death Might be Lying In Wait – Part 2 of 6

Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Natal Charts, Progressed Charts And A Glimpse Into Where Death Might be Lying In Wait – Part 2 of 6

Astrologers will tell their clients that having a natal chart and a progressed chart done can give an individual a glimpse into what their future holds. A natal chart is both a map of the heavens at the time we were born and a map of our potential including our psychology, potential, spirituality and life mission. Your natal chart expresses your talents, potential successes, abilities and the challenges you will face. It is unique to you, from an astrological perspective it is unlikely that there is anyone else out there who exactly the same as you. You are a one off; you are unique. Everything that is happening to you now, everything that has happened and everything that will happen is down to this original chart.

By studying the sun, moon (known as luminaries) and planet’s positions during the time one is born and taking into account other celestial components, astrologers are given reference points of highs and lows that a person will encounter throughout their life. By looking at the position of the luminaries etc. at a point further ahead in time and looking at their relationships to the planets and points in our individual natal charts we begin to get a handle on what the future might hold. These are known as transits and challenge / force us to make changes in our lives and in our attitude towards our situation

Another technique used in astrology is that of progression.  One of the most common systems used is that of secondary progression where astrologers move the natal chart forward by one day per year of life. Secondary progressions offer insight into how we evolve as people.  Secondary progressions will flag up significant events in our lives.

According to most, if not all, astrologers having their natal chart done can tell individuals such things as what their weaknesses and strengths are and even some life changing events such as whether one will marry and have children, go through a divorce or whether they will purchase a home.

Others believe that if read correctly, that these charts can also warn folks about downward spirals at different intervals of their lives and predict on which dates or years one should take care or advice and what people to avoid. Those who study astrology often have advised their clients to watch their charts carefully so that they can be aware of what career paths to take, when opportunities for romance and career advancement might present themselves, when peak lucky periods are likely to occur and so on.  Of course having this information would be valuable to anyone and they could then center their lives on people and career choices that would be beneficial while avoiding others. It is also valuable to what your strengths and weaknesses are, how you are likely to interact with others and what skills are waiting for you to develop. How valuable would it be for example to know whether you are blessed with talents that will be highly marketable in the future?

Can astrology really predict the future? Unfortunately, there is no unequivocal scientific evidence that can conclusively back up these theories to any degree nor can they be dismissed completely. On one hand astrologers and researchers have interviewed hundreds and thousands of people who swear that their lives have followed the path predicted by astrology, while skeptics claim that having these charts simply (and perhaps on an unconscious level) allows or enables people to alter their fates simply because they are aware of what their charts say. Therefore, it is thought that if someone believes in their chart strongly enough, whether consciously or unconsciously, they will make decisions that will increase the chances of their life going in the direction the chart predicted it would. Again, much of this is speculation, though studies show that the power of suggestion is rather strong.

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