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Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Keep On Passing The Open Windows – Part 4 of 6

Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Keep On Passing The Open Windows – Part 4 of 6

Those who practice medical astrology are very familiar with the concept of windows (some call them “crisis windows”) and often talk about these in terms of “windows of opportunities.” When a client consults an astrologer and has their windows pointed out to them, most astrologers will position these points in the chart as true opportunities or points where a crisis is likely to happen. They can be one and the same thing as a crisis will often create opportunities, though we may not feel that way at the time! For the astrological perspective, it is during these points in our life that the energies surrounding us manifest at their highest level or come to what is known as an “apex” point.

During these window periods many things, not just death, are more probable. But this could mean a divorce, a career change, a birth or any other event that may cause a strong emotional response which can be either a positive or a negative one. Windows are not solely indicators of death, but rather indicators of change whether welcomed or not. In a sense they are indicators of psychological transformation when we become reborn – some astrologers refer to this type of event as a “psychological death” rather than a physical.

Because those who practice astrology also tend to believe that death is not the end, but a mere transition into something far greater, most do not believe that these windows predict death, as death is not seen as an ending but rather the start of something new. Therefore labeling them as a dark or ominous presence entirely contradicts what most astrologers believe.  For them, death is a freeing time where the body is released, free to go to the next journey or adventure and thus windows are not regarded as a negative thing.

When windows are apparent within our chart, astrologers will likely speak about these being times of change or perhaps “crisis” where any given situation is coming to a head or to fruition and where decisions need to be made. Crisis often will bring about initial unwelcomed change, but that change isn’t necessarily in the form of death as we know it. It could be the “death” of a relationship, career, friendship or a loss in another form. This is not to say categorically that it won’t be the end of life as we know it, but there is no definitive way to predict such an occurrence based on a natal chart’s windows.

What is interesting about speaking with reference to death and astrology is that even among those astrologers who are 100% certain that death cannot be predicted and who believe that too many aspects at once need to be aligned before one can state unequivocally that death will occur, there are believed to be some pointers that indicate that death is more likely than at other times. Most astrologers agree on some aspects that they would expect to be present in a chart at the time of death.  These are summed up brilliantly in this post by Alice Portman PMFAA:  Determining Death from a Horoscope

This post mostly covers timing of death. The next blog post on this topic will cover indicators of cause of death.

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