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Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Planets, Possibilities and Passing – Part 5 of 6

Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Planets, Possibilities and Passing – Part 5 of 6

When it comes to death progression is where the action is. As our natal chart progresses forward with the passage of time ‘crisis windows’ will open up at some stage. This does not mean that death will reach through the open window and grab us; it merely means that that there is an increased risk of death at this time. Transits provide the trigger for something to happen. Think of a planets movements causing parts of our natal or progressed harts to light up drawing our attention to the areas of our life affected by the parts of the chart that are now illuminated.

Transiting planets can play a part in death and dying. All of the planets can be associated with death even the ones that we normally associate with fabulous, life affirming events. Furthermore you cannot look at just one planet, one aspect or one configuration – it is the sum of the effects of all of them that counts. Even when we have done that we must remember that we are still looking a probabilities rather than certainties.

Planets and Deathstyle

Venus and Jupiter

Venus is the planet of love and in cases where death is expected as in the cases of illnesses where a terminal diagnosis has been given, Venus is usually around during this time of crisis. It is thought that when one dies of an illness, the final moments of passing are uniquely peaceful and thus, Venus being a peaceful, loving planet, it would make sense that it would show up in the chart at the time of death. Some astrologers say that Venus is always present when one dies in their sleep.

Jupiter is often seen in a person’s chart as well at the time of death and usually in a more aggressive way. The planet Jupiter can be one of love and light but more often it depicts quick and unpleasant changes or turmoil. If for instance one has aggressive cancer (think of Jupiter’s association with expansion and rapid growth) and has been suffering, it could be that Jupiter is active by transit or progression around the time of death. Ailments involving the liver are also associated with Jupiter including those lifestyle related liver diseases.

Jupiter does not always indicate an unpleasant death though as Jupiter can be a “guardian angel” planet provided it is in good, soft aspect at the time. If it is, death with be gentle, peaceful with no sense of struggle or trauma a gentle, non-struggling death. With a good Jupiter aspect around at the time of death, the soon to be deceased person might even be looking forward to leaving planet earth behind and moving onto to explore the next world.


Slow moving, brooding Saturn is associated with a long, drawn-out and lingering death. This is not to say that all Saturn related deaths involve suffering though, sometimes we just steadily deteriorate until Old father Time tells us our time is now up!


As befits a planet associated with sudden, dramatic changes and upheaval Uranus is associated with sudden and surprising deaths. Think of unexpected accident – a skier hitting a tree, a bungee rope snapping or a speeding car suddenly mounting a curb. Think of people with everything to live for who are suddenly in the wrong at the wrong time. As Uranus rules airplanes and flight think of plane crashes or planes just disappearing, exploding in mid-air or falling out of the sky just like that. It also rules over lightning and electricity so think of death by lightning bolt or electrocution. Surgery is co-ruled with Uranus along with Mars, so a Uranus death could result from a routine or other surgical procedure going wrong. On the positive side though a Uranus death is always sudden and is usually mercifully quick.


Poseidon is one of the Uranian planets and is also associated with death according to astrology.  If one were to take the chart of a recently deceased person and the presence of Poseidon (who was the God of the Ocean) were to be found; it could be an indicator that this was a time when death could be predicted as Poseidon itself symbolizes a door closing and another one opening, which is how some view death to be.  This planet is also known as the planet of truth, as many who have had near death experiences have claimed that when close to death, everything about their life was clearer and that they have overwhelming feelings of being truthful or seeing the light. Everything at this point makes sense.

Poseidon can be seen to be active in slow, gradual deaths.


Another Uranian planet, Hades is regarded the planet of disintegration. Hade is associated with the development of chronic diseases that are associated with internalised stress and repressed feelings. Stress is known for having a very bad effect on those suffering from chronic disease as well as having a well-documented role in causing them. Having a chronic disease is not an automatic death sentence – there are plenty of people with chronic diseases who will lead full, pleasurable live, full of peak experiences; and die of something unrelated to the chronic disease itself.  A Hades death is like a bullet that is best dodges as it is a slow lingering one..


This is another Uranian planet. If it’s hanging around cross your fingers, take evasive action if you think it’ll work and hope that you’ll be a coffin dodger on this occasion. This beastie is associated with those repressed feelings that slowly throttle us. Admetos is about keeping all the bile and bitterness we might feel about the way life has treated us locked inside ourselves. Think of a boil full of puss (sorry folks) and you’ll get a feeling for the toxic subconscious that is associated with Admetos. This planet  has an affinity for the Moon and is often seen as the other symbol for the mother. Why does the mother get dragged into this? Because often, if you have a strong Admetos in your natal chart, it can indicate a trauma has occurred in earlier life, often while you were still in your mother’s womb, which can blight your life.

This planet rules strangulation and suffocation, so an Admetos death is likely to involve suffocation . It could involve toxic gases, an overdose of drugs leading to suffocation, inhaling mould spores that slowly suffocate and poison or drinking something that depresses our respiratory system. Admetos is about the unsuspected, invisible, toxic things in our day to day environment that can potentially kill us. An Admetos death is a slow one that creeps up on us unaware. We are aware that we are suffering (probably for years) but we are not necessarily aware of the cause. We feel that we are being poisoned in some way, that we are slowly suffocating. We may be aware that we are dying but we don’t know what or who is killing us. If the source of the poisoning is not identified then years of suffering are likely to ensue before the end comes.  Think of that plot so beloved of crime writer of yore; think of a person being slowly poisoned to death by their seemingly devoted spouse. Imagine a poison like arsenic. Imagine someone being slowly poisoned by the arsenic that is being put into their meals every day. Think of the miser and pain that they will endure – agonising liver pain, extreme suffering, a slow and painful death unless the culprit is found in time.

Suffocation by drowning, chronic lung diseases and drug overdoses will be marked by the presence of Neptune too.


Drug overdoses, drowning whether it’s in our own bodily fluids or external liquids are all associated with Neptune. Where there are water related deaths, including drowning Neptune and Admetos will be active at the time, like a pair of toxic twins.

Unfortunately there is more than one way to drown, for a start we can drown from the accumulation of fluid on our lungs so chronic lung diseases plus respiratory diseases such as pneumonia fall within Neptune’s remit as does death by water intoxication. In short anything to do with water inside or outside the body is within Neptune’s sphere of operation. Death by suffocation often involves Neptune also.

There is usually an air of mystery about a Neptune related death, which befits a planet that is associated with mystery and illusion. In some cases, no one will ever really know what the person really died from. Might there be an element of foul play involved? Neptune is after all associated with deception.

As befits a planet that is often associated with dreamers, people with an active Neptune at the time of their death will often die peacefully in their sleep if there is an easy pleasant trine aspect between their Sun and Neptune,


As befits a planet associated with transformation, destruction and upheaval there’s no messing when it comes to a Pluto death nor is there any ambiguity. Pluto deaths are pretty brutal and they certainly ain’t pretty. In fact they can be rather messy just like a Mars death, but we’ll turn our attention to Mars later. Pluto deaths usually involve hard-core trauma to the body and/or or there’s not a lot of body left to identify.

As the above paragraph suggests deaths where Pluto is active can be violent. This does not necessarily mean person on person violence it can mean a massive heart attack or stroke where nothing can be done to save the person – it all happens too, too fast for intervention to be an option.


There are many deaths where the Sun is not really an obvious factor. The Sun is often unusually absent progressed charts when death is near which would make sense as Sun is what keeps all things alive and well on Earth. When the Sun is involved it is often assumed that the dying person has done what they came here to do and is now ready to move on. In this case when death is near it is believed that the Sun brings with it knowledge and only after we have learned all we are supposed to, can be depart this world and move on to the next.  There are large contradictions when it comes to the Sun and its powerful or lack of presence in the regards to death.


Mars often acts as a “trigger” for death or a near-death experience. As befits a planet associated with war, violence and aggression not to mention testosterone fuelled rages, a Mars death is usually sudden, swift and violent. It often involves accidents or conflict though not necessarily. Examples of Mars related deaths would be knifings, shootings, death on the battlefield, car accidents (especially if the car turns into a fireball), death by fire, fatal accidents with machinery or sports accidents.

Mars is one of the co-rulers of surgery, so any incident involving Mars can mean surgery either to repair the damage or death as a result of bleeding out on the operating table/post-surgery. Mars deaths are usually high octane, high adrenaline and don’t often leave a pretty corpse. Just imagine what Death would be like if he was an Aries and you’ll get a good idea of what a Mars death is like!

I shall be dealing with the Moon, comets and nodes in my next post

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