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Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Part 1 of 6

Can Astrology Predict Cause and Time of Death? – Part 1 of 6

Astrology has long had a place in various cultures across the globe. Many of those who are professional astrologers use their skills to help people predict future events or rather the likelihood of them occurring. As humans, many of us are fascinated by the notion that we can know and possibly change our future and thus our fate.

Since astrology first began, millions have relied upon it as a way to see into our futures and get a “heads up” of what’s to come. It has other uses too, some of which will be covered in later posts, but the branch of astrology that most people associate astrologers with is known as predictive astrology. In addition to questions relating to relationships one question that astrologers often get asked is, “If astrology can predict the future, then can it predict the time and cause of death?”

To date there is no evidence that conclusively points to or proves that astrology can 100% accurately predict when we will die and what the cause will be. Death is notoriously difficult to predict (ask any medic!).  However there are many schools of thought when it comes to astrology and predicting death, and while the evidence isn’t conclusive, some truly feel that within our charts, the natal charts which, when progressed, show us key events in our lives from birth to death, can essentially give at a minimum, a glimmer of information about when we can expect to die. This though begs the question; would we actually want to know this information?

Researchers have looked into the theory of how humans would react and respond if they knew the exact date and time of when they would die.  Hands down their studies have shown that most don’t want to know and further studies show that if we were to have that information, it would be not bring us any peace. Why? Because most if not all of us would live each day in fear and naturally as that that “D” day comes closer, our anxieties would drastically increase. We may even try to come up with inventive ways to cheat death. There are plenty of stories out there that explore this very topic but death has a habit of winning in the end!  But having said that knowing the date of our death would be disturbing for many of us, some people truly feel that knowing how long they have to left to live would somehow be beneficial and thus, let’s explore what astrology really can predict as far as death…

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