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Balloon Roulette – Ditching The Ballast – Part 3 of 3

Balloon Roulette – Ditching The Ballast – Part 3 of 3

Woman Dumping Man In Bin Cartoon

Imagine that that there are 12 people in a balloon, each one has a different sun sign. Now imagine that the balloon is losing height and that one person has to be sacrificed so that the balloon can regain enough height to clear a rather scary looking mountain. Who would Aries chuck out?  Who would Pisces push overboard? And who would each of the 12 signs leave to be the last man or woman standing, apart from themselves of course?


First to Go:  Cancer. What an over-sensitive wet blanket!

Last Man Standing: Aries. You trailblazing, gung-ho adventurers, you. You’ll probably have so much fun that you try to avoid being rescued so that this adventure never has to end.


First to Go: Sagittarius – an irritating prat who does not see the gravity of the current situation.

Last Man Standing: Taurus. You two will already have worked out how to ensure that once rescued you can sell your heroic story for mega-bucks!


First to Go:  Cancer. All those emotions … all that angst….bleuggghhhh!!!

Last Man Standing: Gemini – equally detached, intellectual and breezy. Less eccentric than you but who cares.


First to Go:  Sagittarius. What a nasty, oafish brute. How can they think that your emotional distress is funny? How very dare they make up a limerick about it. And it went viral!

Last Man Standing: Leo your knight in shining armour. You love a romantic hero to rescue you, even though you’re more than capable of looking after yourself, and Leo just loves to play the romantic hero. You just know that you and your dashing hero will be rescued- that much is blindingly obvious. Now, more importantly who will play you both in the blockbuster movie that’ll be made of the event? Could you do it yourselves??

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