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Balloon Roulette – Ditching the Ballast – Part 2 of 3

Balloon Roulette – Ditching the Ballast – Part 2 of 3

Woman Dumping Man In Bin Cartoon

Imagine that that there are 12 people in a balloon, each one has a different sun sign. Now imagine that the balloon is losing height and that one person has to be sacrificed so that the balloon can regain enough height to clear a rather scary looking mountain. Who would Aries chuck out?  Who would Pisces push overboard? And who would each of the 12 signs leave to be the last man or woman standing, apart from themselves of course?


First To Go: Aries. There’s only room for one leader and it ain’t the Ram

Last Man Standing:  Libra. Genial, harmonious, good-looking and charming, just like you really. Not looking to be the leader, unlike you, so a match made in heaven. You might regret saving the Libran when the TV cameras arrive to film your rescue, though!


First to Go: All of them except for Scorpio as your constant nit-picking and criticism will wear them all down. Even the thick-skinned Sagittarius will jump out of the balloon to avoid listening to you drone on and on and on…. about how untidy, unsafe and everything else the balloon is. Cancer and Pisces will probably hang on for a considerable length of time as they like being depressed. However eventually even they will lose the will to live. Which leaves ….

Last Man Standing: Scorpio, who’ll hang on until the bitter end and then throw you out just as the rescuers arrive. That’ll teach you to upset Pisces and Cancer, won’t it?


First to Go: Oh dear, decisions, decisions. It seems so unfair that anyone has to be pushed but if Cancer or Pisces don’t volunteer then you’ll have to select a victim. Who’ll it be? Probably Taurus, as they weigh the most and will probably eat all the supplies.

Last Man Standing: Leo. The dashing lion will look great on your arm when you do the rounds of the media after having been rescued.


First to Go: Aries. There’s not enough room in a balloon basket for two power crazed Mars ruled signs.

Last Man Standing: Sagittarius. You’ll keep each other intrigued with your different approaches to answering that eternal question, “Why am I here?”  And I don’t mean – why are you in the balloon?

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