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Balloon Roulette – Ditching the Ballast – Part 1 of 3

Balloon Roulette – Ditching the Ballast – Part 1 of 3

Woman Dumping Man In Bin Cartoon

Imagine that that there are 12 people in a balloon, each one has a different sun sign. Now imagine that the balloon is losing height and that one person has to be sacrificed so that the balloon can regain enough height to clear a rather scary looking mountain. Who would Aries chuck out?  Who would Pisces push overboard? And who would each of the 12 signs leave to be the last man or woman standing, apart from themselves of course?


First to Go: Leo. There’s only room for one leader and the Leo would make an all to obvious challenge for the role.

Last Man Standing: Pisces. Pisces can be surprisingly resourceful when necessary and will also appear to be non-threatening. The Ram can happily imagine the Pisces gushing romantically about what a noble and brave warrior the Ram was and how thanks to Aries’ smarts and courage the fish was saved.


First to Go: Sagittarius. The Archer is the only sign tactless enough to suggest that the heaviest thing in the balloon is the Taurus.

Last Man Standing: Capricorn. These two will already have worked out how to ensure that once rescued they can sell their heroic story for mega-bucks!


First to Go: Virgo. Aaaargh the continual nit-picking does your head in!

Last Man Standing: Libra. A genial, smart and harmonious fellow Air sign, what’s not to like? Just think how well you two will come across on camera telling your epic tale.


First to Go:  You’re almost self-sacrificing enough to jump out of the balloon yourself but couldn’t bear to leave your loved ones heartbroken. So… what do you do? Who do you throw out? Simples – that tactless Sagittarius who had the nerve to laugh when you were telling them your problems.

Last Man Standing: Scorpio. You’re frightened that if you don’t save them, they’ll come back to haunt you. However, you still wonder whether the Scorpio will chuck you overboard just for the hell of it!

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