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My Bad. How Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius Apologize.

My Bad. How Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius Apologize.

My Bad. How Libra Apologizes.

Libra will usually apologize as soon as they realize that they have done something wrong especially if they feel that they have behaved in an unjust or unfair manner. As they aren’t keen on confrontation they may send a card or flowers apologizing for their actions and then wait to see if you get in touch. Libra will only want to hear that you’ve forgiven them and will not want to be berated for ‘bad behaviour’.

Libra is most likely to apologize to those with whom they have no choice but to engage and may even apologize without meaning it under these circumstances.

My Bad. How Scorpio Apologizes.

Like Libra they are unlikely to apologize face to face as they hate confrontation or being placed in a position of weakness. If Scorpio does have to ask for forgiveness it is likely to be done via a card or gift rather than e-mail or phone so that there is less risk of an immediate hostile rejection.

My Bad. How Sagittarius Apologizes.

‘WTF! Everybody makes mistakes’ thinks the Archer. Whether it’s cheating, not being where they say they’ll be or throwing a rowdy party the Archer sees no need to apologize. To be fair to them, they wouldn’t expect anyone else to apologize to them either.

If they do apologize it will be the Gemini school of apology. In short; in the event that they have no option other than apologizing they will try to laugh off their behaviour thereby adding insult to injury! You of course will be expected to act as if the original event never happened.

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