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My Bad. How Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces Apologize.

My Bad. How Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces Apologize.

My Bad. How Capricorn Apologizes.

Capricorn will take their time before issuing an apology and usually it will be a heartfelt, well-deserved one. The only time that Capricorn will apologize for something that isn’t their fault is if they believe that there is merit in doing so (to salvage a long-term relationship with someone they love deeply for example).

Capricorn is likely to want to show that they understand why they were in the wrong so the apology is likely to be long and detailed. Like opposite sign Cancer they will pull out all the stops when it comes to showing how sorry they are. Unlike Cancer they won’t punish you for making them feel guilty. They are also more able to accept it and move on if an apology is rejected. For Capricorn the issuing of an apology is usually enough – if the other person doesn’t accept the apology, that’s just the way life is.

My Bad. How Aquarius Apologizes.

If Aquarius feels the need to apologize they will do so quickly and effectively. A quick sorry, no fancy words, no dramatic gestures and no icky emotions. They will want normality to resume as soon as possible.

My Bad. How Pisces Apologizes.

This will be as dramatic as the Leo apology but in a different. Forget the gifts and expensive gestures this will be straight out of reality TV with plenty of angst, soul-searing emotion and self-abasement. The Piscean will tell you exactly why they’re worthless, useless and not fit to kiss your feet. If this does not have the desired effect in terms of you forgiving them and reassuring them that they’re wonderful, they will then tell you exactly what they’ve done wrong and how they intend to put things right/ensure that this never happens again.

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