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My Bad. How Cancer, Leo & Virgo Apologize.

My Bad. How Cancer, Leo & Virgo Apologize.

My Bad. How Cancer Apologizes.

When Cancer has to apologize it’s usually because they’ve lost their temper and said or done something rather vicious. Once they’ve calmed down they’ll worry about what they’ve said or done and chase you until you’ll hear their apology. They may also send a card, gift or bunch of flowers with a written apology inside.

They will pull out all the stops to make you realize just how very sorry they are but they may pay you back later for making them feel bad. They will also expect you to forgive them as they have put so much effort and emotion into their apology.

My Bad. How Leo Apologizes.

Camera, lights, action! Expect a dramatic extravaganza when it comes to the Leo apology. Expensive gifts – check! Extravagant gestures and outpourings of emotion – check! It’s more about them than you. Leo will play their part to perfection but will expect you to play your role (forgiving spouse/friend/colleague/whatever) to perfection too!

My Bad. How Virgo Apologizes.

Virgo is likely to want to want to make an appointment so that they can prepare and rehearse their apology as they will want to be sure that the get it perfect. They will also want to point out exactly what you did wrong that caused them to behave in the way that they did. In short, it’s your fault!

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