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My Bad. How Aries, Taurus & Gemini Apologize.

My Bad. How Aries, Taurus & Gemini Apologize.

My Bad. How Aries Apologizes.

Aries would prefer not to apologize at all and often feels that those who expect an apology are living in the past and should move on. However, even the most thick-skinned Aries realizes that there are times when the word sorry needs to be uttered. But a quick sorry is all you’re likely to get and the Ram will expect to be forgiven immediately – no matter how bad the behaviour was!

Once sorry has been said Aries expects life to return to normal pronto. They do not expect the matter to be raised again. Aries usually says sorry as a way of moving things forward and does not always mean it. In the latter case Aries will usually say something along the lines of. ‘I’m sorry for whatever it is I’m supposed to have done’ or ‘I’m sorry but you…’

My Bad. How Taurus Apologizes.

Taurus will think long and hard before apologizing and are unlikely to apologize just to keep the peace. They will apologize when they are in the wrong and the apology will be heartfelt. It may be accompanied by a gift of some kind.

My Bad. How Gemini Apologizes.

Gemini prefers to act as if they have done nothing wrong and hope that if they continue to act in this manner you’ll forget what they have done. In the event that they have no option other than apologizing they will try to laugh off their behaviour thereby adding insult to injury! You of course will be expected to act as if the original event never happened.

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