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My Bad. How To Apologize To Libra & Scorpio.

My Bad. How To Apologize To Libra & Scorpio.

My Bad. How To Apologize To Libra.

Be honest, sincere are say you’re sorry. Then leave the Libran in peace so that they can decide whether they wish to accept your apology and restore the relationship to how it was before or whether they want to be civil but no more. It is unlikely that forgiveness will be immediate. Unlike opposite sign Aries, Libra does not make snap decisions.

Although Libran’s are not known for holding grudges they are not known for wanting to spend time with someone who makes them feel uncomfortable, which someone they cannot forgive will most certainly do.

If Libra does not want to be your friend or lover anymore there is nothing you can do. Pursuing them will just make them feel uncomfortable and they will not forgive you for that in a hurry. Being over-emotional when making your apology will not help your cause either.

Apologizing to a Libran should not be an uncomfortable experience (as they are unlikely to yell at you) but the wait for a decision might be.

My Bad. How To Apologize To Scorpio.

Actions speak louder than words as far as Scorpio is concerned so once you have apologized to them (make sure your apology is genuine as they can see through fakers) you can get on with proving to them that your actions won’t be repeated. This is what really matters to Scorpio. They need to be as certain as they can be that you won’t disappoint them again.

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