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Astrological Tidbit – Capricorn – The Zen of Capricorn

Astrological Tidbit – Capricorn – The Zen of Capricorn

Most often linked with Father Time, there’s another archetype that fits Capricorn like a bespoked silk glove … t he Buddhist symbol of the Bodhisattva.

Typically there are two types of enlightened souls. Firstly the Buddha (and there have been many across different dimensions of time and space), who reaches self-realisation or enlightenment and remains blissed out in a mystical state of consciousness. The other type is the more earthly, get your hands dirty Bodhisattva. Having attained nirvana, they choose to remain on Earth and won’t rest until all sentient beings are freed from the bonds of suffering and become unshackled and enlightened.

Only when all are liberated does the Bodhisattva feel free to leave their self-chosen incarceration: A profound image of devoted self-sacrifice that mirrors Capricorn’s true destiny. Whatever the Everest they seek to master – material, spiritual or both – having scaled it they are not satisfied remaining at the apex and simply living a life of splendid and disassociated isolation.

This is not what this sign is about.

Like fellow earth sign Virgo, Capricorn’s primary DNA is to serve humanity. Their instinct tells them to remain in the routine of an ordinary, sometimes thankless, life in order to change things for the better for others, which for Capricorn, can be a blessing and a curse. Lots of real-world Capricorns choose to follow path of service once they’ve scaled the heights. Others never begin the climb, mired in a world of responsibility and reactivity of their own choice.

Regrettably, some Capricorns take things to the extremes at the cost of their personal life, family and self-development to do things that ‘have to’ be done to keep things running smoothly with a sense of gradual improvement.

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