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Astrological Tidbit – Cancer

Astrological Tidbit – Cancer

The constellation that represents the Sign of Cancer is as well concealed as the crab that represents those born under the Sign of Cancer. It is sometimes said that this low key constellation is apt for a sign that appears to have a shy and retiring disposition. The Cancer is not showy and neither are the stars that make up the Sign of the Crab.

The Constellation of Cancer is as inconspicuous as most Cancer people. This inconspicuousness leads to the Cancer-born being vastly underrated. But you underestimate the Cancer-born at your peril as many of them will ascend to great heights professionally. Those that overcome their moody nature and their tendency to change course when upset, will find the right way forward and will match opposite sign Capricorn in terms of strategic planning, persistence and worldly success. For the Cancerian, once they have set themselves on the ‘right path’, is unlikely to change direction. They will be fluid, flexible and adaptable in terms of their route forward but once they have decided on a destination they are unlikely to change it. Once the Cancer has made up their mind when it comes to what they need to feel secure no obstacle is too great for them to overcome.

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