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Ascendant and Moon Sign Influence on Scorpio Personality

Your sun sign personality will be modified by your Ascendant or rising sign and your Moon sign:

Scorpio with Aries rising. Makes you fearless and energetic – and power mad!.

Scorpio with Taurus rising. You have a greater ability to succeed and greater patience.

Scorpio with Gemini rising. Causes you to lighten up and get more creative.

Scorpio with Cancer rising. Makes you more sensitive and compassionate.

Scorpio with Leo rising. Makes you less brooding and intense, and more lovable.

Scorpio with Virgo rising. You will be extremely analytical with an added sixth sense.

Scorpio with Libra rising. Gives you a dose of charm, tact and diplomacy.

Scorpio with Scorpio rising. Makes you truly invincible if a little cold and calculating.

Scorpio with Sagittarius rising. Makes you outgoing, optimistic and enthusiastic..

Scorpio with Capricorn rising. Combines a great sense of duty with powerful Scorpionic insight.

Scorpio with Aquarius rising. Makes you fixed yet unpredictable in your opinions..

Scorpio with Pisces rising. Brings sensitivity and tolerance.

With Moon in Aries you could be fiery and innocent in your emotions.

With Moon in Taurus you will be sensual and doubly determined to get the person of your dreams.

With Moon in Gemini you be less intense, more light hearted and even more intuitive.

With Moon in Cancer you will be more sensitive and vulnerable emotionally.

With Moon in Leo you will be determined to be noticed and adored.

With Moon in Virgo you will find it hard to reveal your inner feelings and could be over critical.

With Moon in Libra you will be gentler on others and yourself.

With Moon in Scorpio you will be twice as intense and twice as psychic.

With Moon in Sagittarius you will be less intense.

With Moon in Capricorn you will be more down to earth.

With Moon in Aquarius you will be more detached emotionally and more unconventional.

With Moon in Pisces you’ll be less intense and more romantic.

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