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Ascendant and Moon Sign Influence on Cancerian Personality

Your sun sign personality will be modified by your Ascendant or rising sign and your Moon sign:

Cancer with Aries rising. Makes you more enterprising and outgoing.

Cancer with Taurus rising. You will work even harder than the average Cancerian

Cancer with Gemini rising. Will combine your ability to feel things instinctively with a creative thought pattern.

Cancer with Cancer rising. You will be even more sensitive and intuitive – and moody!! .

Cancer with Leo rising. Helps you have more confidence and belief in your undertakings.

Cancer with Virgo rising. Greater powers of analysis but a tendency to worry too much.

Cancer with Libra rising. Adds to your charm and ability to see both sides of an argument. Beware of becoming too laid back!

Cancer with Scorpio rising. Highlights your emotional nature and need to be alone when feeling down

Cancer with Sagittarius rising. You are more adventurous, optimistic and outgoing than the average Cancerean.

Cancer with Capricorn rising. Makes you doubly ambitious Material security will be very important to you.

Cancer with Aquarius rising. Makes you more unconventional than most Cancerians.

Cancer with Pisces rising. Don’t be too romantic or impractical.

With Moon in Aries you will be more passionate and optimistic

With Moon in Taurus you have an even greater need for emotional stability and tender loving care

With Moon in Gemini you will be more independent.

With Moon in Cancer – accentuates everything about your Cancerian personality.

With Moon in Leo you will have lots of pride coupled with a need for attention.

With Moon in Virgo you will work hard at all areas of your life.

With Moon in Libra you will be even more switched on by beauty and harmony.

With Moon in Scorpio you will be even more emotional and intense.

With Moon in Sagittarius you will be more freedom loving than the average Cancerean.

With Moon in Capricorn you will have a great need for security and an appreciation of tradition.

With Moon in Aquarius you will be more detached emotionally and a lot more unpredictable.

With Moon in Pisces you will be more able to ‘feel’ what you yearn for in your life.


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